Kinetic Control delivers courses that would help you with your clinical reasoning process to assess, classify, diagnose and retrain movement impairments. The system is evidence based and it would help you manage your patient's symptoms, movement impairments, improve their function as well as their quality of life.


Through a comprehensice framework of structured training, exceptional resources and ongoing commercial support, TPM Pro provides you with the world's most comprehensive digital movement analysis and retraining platform. This platform will enable you to take your clients from pain to performance.


Movement management for teams

This is delivered through a consultancy basis for elite sport's injury prevention and performance enhancements. This program is designed for implementation within all pro sports environments.


Education in Movement – Meeting the needs of your patients and your business

Kinetic Control delivers an established evidence based and evolving system for movement analysis and management of uncontrolled movement. 

Movement influences our experience of life, sometimes with adverse effects. The good news is that Kinetic Control gives you the opportunity to improve your understanding of movement control and deliver more effective strategies.

Whatever your current role, KC’s flexible, modular training and expert skills development will enable you to implement a patient-centered, collaborative approach to treatment. By engaging your clients in the clinical process, you can help them achieve their goals - improving their long-term movement health and wellbeing.

Our Kinetic Control courses are designed for physiotherapists

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Introducing the world's most effective and comprehensive movement screening, analysis and training system available to individuals and athletes who want to improve movement efficiency, optimise musculoskeletal health, focus on injury prevention and enhancing performance.

Add a new dimension to your professional practice

When fully integrated into your work environment, your business will be enhanced by TPM’s high standards of client-focused care and exceptional outcomes that transform patient’s quality of life.

TPM Pro delivers:
  • A wide range of intensive educational programmes taught by world leaders in movement health
  • Complement your existing skills and improve your day-to-day practice
  • Deliver a technically advanced, state of the art, client-focused service with our online movement analysis tool
  • Attain the competitive edge over other practitioners and benefit from ongoing support as part of a worldwide network of TPM Pro specialists
  • Achieve measurable results that will significantly grow your business by providing continued movement health through ‘TPM Active’

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TPM Elite places the best movement management system in the world, at your fingertips. Our movement consultant will work alongside you to integrate The Performance Matrix into you existing team structure. It will enable you to design a comprehensive individual training programme to achieve goals. Save revenue by reducing the cost of injuryReducing the cost of injury saves revenue

Reducing the cost of injury saves revenue
Protect the long-term value of your players
Ensure  consistent season-long training
Deliver the highest level of competitive performance
Develop talent to its full potential
Prevention is better than cure, therefore prevent injuries rather than treating them, avoiding the cost of treatment
Keep your best players on the field, and WIN more games

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