Kinetic Control delivers an established evidence based and evolving system for movement analysis and management of uncontrolled movement.

Kinetic Control programme delivers education and training in movement to physiotherapists. The comprehensive process includes assessment, diagnosis, classification and retraining of uncontrolled movement in relation to pain, dysfunction, recurrence of pain and function

We are licensed to provide world class consultancy, training and products in movement control to physiotherapists and professionals working in the sport, health, rehabilitation and fitness industries. The Kinetic Control that was founded by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram who are leading experts in movement control.

A Structured Approach

This flexible structure allows you to work towards accreditations within your own personal timeframe. Progressive levels of theoretical and practical study build on your current qualifications and deliver the strategies essential to implementing Kinetic Control into a range of environments.


Complete Our Modular Functional Movement Courses and Become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist

Progress through the Co-ordination and Muscle Synergies  in our modular system and become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist.

Co-ordination Efficiency

Co-ordination Efficiency modules develop the ability to apply clinical reaoning framework in combination with movement retraining interventions guided by the apllication of movement control tests.

Systemised approach to identify provocative co-ordination patterns, labelling the pattern of site and direction and addressing the impairment via targeted movement retraining.

This course will help clinicians deliver targeted movement retraining, helping them to successfully manage each patient's pain, pathology and compromised function.

1.  Co-ordination Efficiency to Optomise Movement Retraining for the Low Back and   Hip

2. Co-ordination Efficiency to Optomise Movement Retraining for the Neck and Shoulder

3. Multi-joint Synergies in Alignment and Coordination


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Muscle Synergies

Clinical model and the skills of assessment and retraining to address symptoms, compromised function and recurrence. This course focus on rating and retraining the efficiency of muscle recruitment.

These modules develops clinician's ability to exert the greatest change on their patient's movement, chance of recurrence and function by focusing upon muscle synergies.

1.Targeting Muscle Synergies to Optomise Movement Retraining for the Low Back and Hip

2.Targeting Muscle Synegies to optomise Movement Retraining for the Neck and Shoulder

3.Beyond Global Movement Control for Pain and Recurrence

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